Parents in a tizzy over gun-toting dad in toddler music class (VIDEO)

Some parents of toddlers who attend a weekly music class in Kalamazoo are upset over one parent exercising his right to open carry.

Michigan state law allows those with a concealed pistol license to openly carry firearms into schools, even when those schools are so-called gun free zones. But one gun-toting dad has caused the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency’s West Campus to go on lockdown, per school policy, every week when he brings his toddler to music class. He is then escorted out by police and administrators.

But now some parents are speaking out, saying that the gun has got to go.

“By A) having the gun in the classroom and B) by the response by bringing in more guns to deal with the gun that’s there,” Margaret Wilson, whose 3 year old is in the music class, said the gun-toting dad has “instilled fear” and “crippled learning.”

Likewise, Kalamazoo RESA Superintendent Dave Campbell feels like his hands are tied, torn between trying to uphold the law, which essentially conflicts with school policy, and his personal belief that guns don’t belong in schools.

Nonetheless, Campbell left the Monday night community meeting admitting that he “has a lot to think about.”

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