Polymer 80 shows off their new DIY pistol frame (VIDEO)

Polymer 80 is getting ready to start shipping their new no-FFL required model S150 80 percent complete polymer pistol frames next month.

For those who already have a “ghost gun” and are looking for that ghost glock, the S150 shown in the video above uses a standard Glock 9mm slide/barrel and lower parts kit. Just add the lower that you complete yourself and you have a functional semi-auto. They also tried it with a .40 cal version with G22 slide and barrel.

Polymer 80 shows off their new DIY pistol frame

We can hear Kevin de León scream into his cheat day latte already

The S150 kit retails for $179 but is on sale currently for $135.99 and includes the 80 percent frame, a polymer jog, drill and end-mill bits and a locking block. When you keep in mind that you can pick up an LPK for about $60 and a loaded slide for $200-ish, you can be in biz with your homebuild polymer for about $400, which isn’t all that much cheaper than the real thing– but that’s not really the point now is it?

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