Art piece at Denver city building causes controversy (VIDEO)

A Denver area student opted to remove a painting she created from being displayed in a city building after it became the source of controversy.

The art piece was a project for the Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, and the assignment was to research a piece of artwork, then recreate another piece to set the historic piece in context with modern times. The student chose Goya’s “The Third of May 1808” and Michael D’Antuono’s “A Tale of Two Hoodies” as her focal points.

But some in the community, including law enforcement, voiced concern over the painting.

“I’m greatly concerned about how this painting portrays the police. I look forward to having a conversation with the student and her parents,“ said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

The student, her parents and White, along with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and DPS Acting Superintendent for the art academy, Susana Cordova, were scheduled to have a meeting Wednesday to discuss the painting and any other concerns.

“We absolutely value the voices of our young artists, which is why we display their work every year. We also greatly respect the impact this art has had on our officers who serve and protect Denver and others in the community,” Hancock said in a press release. “But there is an opportunity here, too, to listen and learn from each other and to encourage our students to engage in difficult conversations. That is exactly the intention of DPS and the city as we continue to address the community’s concerns.”

The meeting was canceled, however, due to a snow storm. It’s not known at this time if it has been rescheduled.

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