Czechmate: Lighting it up with the select-fire CZ75 (VIDEO)

Larry Vickers gets down with a full-auto CZ75, capable of dropping a full mag of 9mm in about the amount of time it takes you to say “Prague.”

The CZ75 pistol, designed in then-Czechoslovakia by the brothers Koucky in the 1970s, was and still is one of the most popular combat handguns of modern times. It was the basis for a number of clones including Colonel Jeff Cooper’s Bren 10, IMI Jericho, and the Springfield Armory P9. Adding a simple internal sear, controlled by a select-fire/safety switch on the left hand side of the frame could transition the weapon from semi-auto (DA/SA) to 1000-rpm full auto machine pistol.

To keep the weapon fed, the standard 16 shot magazine was swapped out for a 25 or 30. To provide a modicum of controllability to this portable flamethrower, a special 5.77-inch barrel extended out an inch past the slide, and ported to keep the gun on target using muzzle blast. The frame was provided with a dimple just forward of the trigger guard to hook a modified spare magazine into to serve as a makeshift foregrip.

And, as Larry shows, they are a whole lotta fun.

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