Gun shop credited with thwarting possible shooting at Ohio University (VIDEO)

The Hocking County Sheriff is crediting a local gun store owner for his courage and for saving lives. “I believe he did prevent a mass shooting that was probably going to occur at Ohio University in Athens,” said Sheriff Lanny North.

John Downs, who has owned Downs Bait and Guns for 28 years, said he was working in the store Monday afternoon when a man came in wanting to buy a long gun. Downs said 25-year-old James Howard passed a background check. But he’d asked some questions and made some statements that Downs found suspicious and indicated he may want to harm himself and others.

“There was red flag for me, I am like , I won’t allow that I don’t want that to be on me,” Downs said. So he refused to sell him the gun or any gear.

[ ABC 6 ]

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