Tucson shooter sues Gabby Giffords--allegedly (Document)

A lawsuit has been filed against former Rep. Gabby Giffords by the man convicted of trying to assassinate her.

A civil complaint filed by Jared Lee Loughner reached an Arizona federal court on March 18. The document alleges Giffords caused “emotion (sic) and psychological distress.”

Loughner, who killed six people and injured 15 others, including Giffords, when he opened fire at Tucson supermarket in January 2011, has been serving out his life sentence at a Federal Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota. He was convicted in 2012.

The complaint has similarities to a lawsuit filed by Kalamazoo shooter, Jason Dalton — a case that turned out to be a hoax — against his former employer, Uber.

Like Dalton’s, Loughner’s contains rambling details and random claims, the document itself is dated March 11, and was mailed from a Philadelphia post office. However, Loughner’s complaint was typed and mailed on March 15 — four days after the hoaxer mailed the Dalton complaint.

Loughner Complaint

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