You and the horse you rode in on: Border patrol catches equine borne smugglers (VIDEO)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in Arizona nabbed a pair of riderless horses carrying 95 pounds of dope after their riders beat feet back over the line to Mexico.

On March 20, near Sasabe in the Tuscon sector, agents remotely observed two smugglers on horseback come over the border and, when a helicopter was called in, the would-be marijuana cowboys (vaqueros?) ditched their faithful horses and scrambled back to Old Mexico.

Upon inspection, the horses were found to be holding 95.5 pounds of leafy green, which they said wasn’t theirs. However, authorities were not amused and the ponies are taking the fall, being turned over to the Arizona Department of Agriculture for final disposition.

Guess its back to the tunnels for the doobie brothers.

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