Angry Chinese guy provokes cop by… kissing him? (VIDEO)

For most people, a quick meeting of the lips is typically a fun, flirtatious sort of moment, but for one man in Liuzhou, China, a little peck on the mouth of a police officer was meant for provocation. And it worked, boy, did it ever work.

The suspect, identified only as Mr. Huang, was apparently running an illegal sidewalk restaurant when authorities came in to intervene and shut down the operation. But a confrontation, which included Huang’s waitress, erupted and – perhaps feeling he wasn’t being heard – Huang attempted to grab the attention of one officer by planting a big fat kiss right on his lips.

Then, the violence really erupted. An entire mob of people, including one woman with a sauce pan, went after the man. Soon, all sorts of cooking utensils, even barstools were being thrown at Huang.

In the end, Huang was arrested and held for eight days for obstructing government officials from performing their duties.

[ CCTV News ]

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