Texas increases staffing for spike in handgun permits


The Texas handgun carry license currently issued.

Due to an increased volume of applications for a license to carry a handgun, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued an advisement asking applicants to closely follow application guidelines so the process goes swimmingly.

From December to February, the number of handgun applications increased by 139 percent, a jump from 57,000 last year to 136,000, the department said in a statement.

In addition to the advisement, DPS has increased staffing and resources to help comply with the statutory processing times. Per the statute, DPS has up to 60 days to issue the handgun license and 45 days to issue a renewal.

The department advises that in order for an application to complete, it must include: a completed application form, electronic fingerprints, the Certificate of Training and any required supporting documentation. Renewal applications must include a completed application form along with any necessary supporting documents.

According to the DPS website, the law regarding the Texas handgun licensing program, formerly concealed handgun licensing, changed Jan. 1, when House Bill 910 went into effect. The law permitted anyone with a license to openly carry a holstered firearm.

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