Breaking down barriers: door breaching courses for civilians

Breaching class

Students awaiting their turn. (Photo: Alliance Police Training)

Alliance Police Training is offering civilians training usually reserved for military and SWAT officers: door breaching.

Two tracks are offered: a three-day mechanical, ballistic, and thermal breaching course, and a four-day explosive breaching encounter. The classes are offered back-to-back, beginning April 15 and Oct. 14.

The cost for the three-day course is $500. The explosive breaching class is $800.

APT’s announcement says some of the training will take place at their facility in Alliance, Ohio. Then dangles this tantalizing morsel: “A substantial part of the actual breaching will take place in various abandoned facilities in and around the city of Alliance, Ohio. This will provide students a unique opportunity to train on a variety of structures in several different types of urban areas, each presenting its own threats and challenges.”

Minimal course content information is provided in their promotional material, but APT does promise “door charges, shooting locks, and cutting your way through metal doors with a torch.”

The course is open to law enforcement and civilians alike. The company states a screening of applicants is done to prevent admission of customers with intent other than performing job-specific tasks or simply wanting to be prepared for the proverbial SHTF situation.

Former US Army Special Forces Engineer (7TH SFG) John Mayer, a staff member at APT, is the instructor. Mayer’s previous associations include being Director of Training and part owner of Olive Security Training Center and Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES) of Mississippi.

Sounds like a blast.

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