Inside British gun culture (VIDEO)

While many think the UK dropped the ban hammer on all firearms in the Isles, there are actually over 1.8 million still around, though strictly regulated.

Of course, the (legal) guns in circulation are in the hands of 736,000 gun license holders– the highest on record– and are primarily for hunting, pest control and sports shooting, with self-defense via firearms generally not spoken about and concealed carry almost non-existent (except in Northern Ireland).

The BBC’s Benjamin Zand meets with gun enthusiasts, gun shop staff and others in an effort to get a finger on the pulse of the Brits who chose to own firearms, despite the strict gun control in place to discourage such ownership.

And gives you a window in a scary  “someday” without a Second Amendment.

Still, even with all the laws and regs, a sobering comment made during the 13-minute report was, “You can’t legislate for somebody waking up and going Tonto.”

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