Teen arrested for stealing Roswell’s UFO (VIDEO)

Police in Roswell, New Mexico, arrested a 17-year-old boy Saturday morning for the theft of a flying saucer outside of the city’s International UFO museum last week.

Video surveillance caught the teen and two other suspects taking the UFO, then loading it up into the back of a pickup truck. The UFO once hung on the outside of the museum, but was taken down and stored behind the building while the museum was undergoing renovations.
After local media aired the video, police received a phone call that led to the teen’s arrest.

The stolen spaceship was later found, abandoned outside of the city, but all smashed to pieces. The suspect in custody, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, did not give authorities a motive for stealing the spaceship, nor has he cooperated with identifying the remaining suspects.

“I was kind of bummed out that they did it,” said Benny Urban, who was visiting the famed town with his children while on spring break. “Kids will be kids but if you found something like that I can’t see any reason to destroy it.”

The museum plans to replace the UFO, but has not yet figured the cost or timeframe involved.

[ KRQE ]

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