Cosmo sits down couples for talks on gun ownership (VIDEO)

Cosmopolitan Magazine is back on the gun offensive and brings four couples along for the ride so the gun guy in the relationship can feel properly bad about himself.

The “best-selling young women’s magazine in the U.S., a bible for fun, fearless females that reaches more than 18 million readers a month,” sits down four apparently random couples to talk about guns. Interestingly and in a nod to the fact the no self-assured Cosmo reading female would own a gun, all interactions are with a strong woman and a rather mumbly man.

And, mysteriously, all of the gun owners are white males.

The first couple, that of George and Maggie (dating 1.5 years), implies that George is somehow wrong for owning a gun in Florida “without a license” and she later calls his single gun “a death machine” as she laughs incredulously and switches to the guns-should-be-licensed-as-cars argument in one fluid motion.

But it gets so much more over the top.

“The legality of taking away somebody’s constitutional rights….” trails off a young ginger haired man named Ben (who has been dating Crystal for four months) as he sees the blinking light in the corner of his eye when asked about mandatory gun relinquishment in domestic violence situations. Crystal, like Maggie, nervously smiles and laughs. A trend.

Robert protests to Jody, “You can’t just pretend that the Second Amendment doesn’t exist…” as he gives her the open handed shrug of surrender. She replies with a Pepe the Frog look before rolling her eyes as Robert tries to save himself from the couch.

Open carrier Alan (who has been with Jane for 1.5 years) gets lectured on guns and kids as he shakes his head and assures her that they are on the same page.

The three-minute train wreck ends with George, is his best Ray Romano imitation, pleads with Maggie, (who has just the best boots!) to go to the range with him as she shakes her head the whole time.

Death. Machine.

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