Las Vegas police dog killed 2 weeks after returning to duty from stabbing

Las Vegas Metro Police Department K9 Nicky, who suffered serious injures from a machete attack and recently returned to patrol work, was shot and killed Thursday while attempting to apprehend a murder suspect.

From a LVMPD statement:

It is with heavy hearts this afternoon that we inform everyone about the loss of a valuable member of the LVMPD crime-fighting team. Just two months after surviving a brutal stabbing, police dog Nicky was fatally shot while attempting to subdue a murder suspect. Not to be lost in this story, is the fact that two people were senselessly murdered at the scene. Speaking to local media, neighbors credit police action for preventing further individuals from being harmed.  Additional details will be forthcoming.

On February 11, Nicky had to undergo emergency surgery after a 12-hour standoff with a barricaded subject ended with the the man in custody and suffering from a number of bites while the Belgian Malinois police dog was stabbed in the face, nose and mouth numerous times.

The subject in the machete incident, 36-year-old Tolavius Timmons, was charged with several felonies including resisting an officer with a firearm, torturing, injuring or attempting to kill a police animal and torturing or maiming an animal to terrorize or threaten it. Besides attacking Nicky, Timmons also damaged a police robot sent in to observe him during the standoff.

The 8-year-old police working dog returned to the force just two weeks ago and was expected to work another two years before retirement

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