Forgotten oddball: The Remington 7615 pump patrol rifle (VIDEO)

Jeff Bloovman of Practically Tactical talks with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts about the Remington 7615, which is a pump-action .223 that takes AR mags.

Basically a logical evolution from the Model 7600 (which in itself came from the 1950s 760 Gamemaster), the 7615 (because it takes AR-15 mags, get it?) is billed by Big Green as a handy and quick duty/patrol rifle capable of using a good capacity mag while the pump action makes it friendly to the pearl clutchers who frown at more traditional black rifles.

The gun is kinda neat and is popular with a subset niche market, even if the audio on the PT vid is super tinny.

Now if Remy would just make a Saiga mag 870…

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