Melissa Bachman's got a new co-host named 'Porkchop' (VIDEO)

Melissa Bachman has a new co-host for her hunting show Winchester Deadly Passion. Her name is ‘Porkchop’ and she’s an adorable little Boston Terrier. The dog keeps Bachman company on her hunts which is nice since she spends so much time on road. Porkchop even joins her in the stand, when legal.

Bachman is currently in her fifth season with her show that plays on Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel and Wild TV. It airs every Sunday morning at 11:30. This year she started a new segment called Memory Chase where kids can submit their own hunting footage which can make it onto the show. “Its a great way to get more kids involved.” She says.

Bachman’s been on some amazing hunts recently in Argentina, New Zealand and elsewhere. She’s shooting the Winchester .300 Win Mag which is working out really well for her. caught up with Bachman at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in February 2016.

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