Black guns matter

With all the hoo-ha in the political world right now, it’s time we pay attention to what really matters: black guns

Now I know that there are still a lot of stainless steel weapons out there, but I don’t favor these guns anymore because shiny doesn’t blend into too many environments—it reflects and gives away your position which is not tactical.

There also are blue guns, but blue guns just want to be black guns in my opinion.

Then there are the pink guns that are sadly marketed to young women and usually have a sight radius too small to shoot well. Who wants to ever say, “I’ll give you my [pink] gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands”? Maybe a better question is who wants to shoot someone with a pink gun (not to mention get shot by one)? I highly suspect incoming rounds from black guns hurt worse anyway.

We cannot let gun manufacturers forget or underestimate the power of black guns.  Cerakote, duracoat, nitride, etc.—all these just change a gun colors to help it fit in (unless, of course, it’s black nitride). Sure, there are cool camouflage patterns and even flashy gold-plated guns. But let’s face it, they’re not black guns.

For as long as I can remember, the emphasis of gun control has been directed towards black guns. Like you, I want to keep my black guns.  Most of my guns are black and there’s a good chance that most of your guns are black too.  Black guns have set the standard for many years. Let’s not abandon them to long range shooting sports or the Nintendo generation of guns.

Just to be clear, this article has nothing to do with race;  it’s all about guns—black guns.


Wait.  Inb4, #AllGunsMatter. :)

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