Testing 35 year old flak vests for ballistics protection (VIDEO)

Matt and the hardworking team down on DemolitionRanch fell into some old military fragmentation vests and put them to the test for 12 gauge, 9mm and 7.62x39mm at various ranges.

The vests include an old 1980s PASGT vest, which was a combination of early Kevlar and ceramic materiel and was never really meant to stop incoming rounds but to protect the wearer from shrapnel while adding just 10 pounds to their gear load. But hey, the shoulder pads were groovy.

Matt then moves to an Outer Tactical/Interceptor vest from the turn of the century complete with groin protector but missing the hard plate. Of course both of the vests were way past their expiration dates so the outcome of being used repeatedly as target berm material is a forgone conclusion– but are still better than a poly-cotton muscle shirt at stopping lead.

And Matt gets some Pretty good hits from his 7.62x39mm POF with bulk ammo at 400 yards to boot…

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