Knife-wielding man attacks officer and asked to be killed dozens of times (VIDEO)

An Ohio lawman wound up in an officer involved shooting after stopping a subject last week along I-75 who produced a hunting knife and repeatedly asked police to shoot him.

As the disturbing and profanity riddled bodycam video above shows, the subject, later identified as Javier Pablo Aleman, 46, stops a search by Glendale Police Officer Josh Hilling and produces a large fixed-blade knife.

“Kill me! Kill me! Kill me now!” yells Aleman repeatedly as he tries to close with Hilling, who fired one round into the Aleman. The incident came to a close when a an officer from another jurisdiction arrived and subdued the knife-wielding subject with a taser.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Hilling intended to give the pedestrian a ride off the interstate and was checking him for weapons before allowing Aleman in the car.

Aleman, who is recovering, is a fugitive wanted by Baltimore County Maryland Police in connection with the March 17  homicide of his roommate and landlord, who was stabbed to death.


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