Additional footage released of Waco biker shootout (VIDEO)

Dash cam footage from the vehicle of Officer Michael Bucher of the Waco Police Department was made public this week and shows an alternate angle of the shootout involving bikers and law enforcement at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, last May.

Altogether, nine people were killed and 20 were injured during the incident, which remains under investigation. The more than 20-minute video shows the fight breaking out in front of the business and the bloody aftermath.

Several injured people can be seen trying to get to safety, while other individuals tended to those who were mortally wounded. The video captures CPR being administered for more than nine minutes, as individuals desperately try to save a man’s life. Minutes before the video ends, several bikers can be seen carrying the – presumably dead – body of one of their comrades away and out of view.

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