Gentrified stealth gun storage, now with RFID


TacticalWalls 825 model in open position. (Photo: TacticalWalls)

TacticalWalls of Virginia announced this week that some of their home décor-gun storage products now have a radio frequency identification option.

The company is known for their attractive shelves, mirrors, and other wall-hung items that appear to be decorative but can conceal firearms of almost any size.

Original TacticalWalls products open with a simple magnetic closure. RFID adds a measure of security in that the units will only open if a matching-code card is swiped next to the unit.

Owner-directed flexibility is built into the system. Each furnishing comes with two key cards and one programming card, which allows the user to match codes across a single household or office, or to require different cards for different units. This allows a gun owner to select who has access to which safes. Extra key cards are available to order.

Another feature of the RFID-equipped units is a beeper that sounds when the gun compartment has been left open for a period of time.

The RFID option adds $140 to the normal price of any unit. The smallest item the 812 pistol-length shelf, is $269 with RFID. The largest is a recessed full length mirror that can accommodate long guns; $400 with RFID.

Six wood finishes and two edge trim styles are available for the shelf units.

Items equipped with RFID are currently subject to a four-week wait. TacticalWalls is compensating for that inconvenience with a temporary free shipping offer.

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