Brady one ups NRA fairy tales by smoking Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan in gun accidents (VIDEOS)

In a response to the National Rifle Association’s retelling of Grimms’ Fairy Tales to include gun ownership, the Brady Campaign put a 1911 in Alice’s and the Wendy’s brother’s hands with disastrous results.

“Over one-third of all American households have a gun,” a voice over says as Lewis Carroll’s curious pre-teen pulls the trigger while staring down the barrel of a .45 waiting for the flash. “Ask your neighbor: Is there a gun where they play? Asking saves kids.”

In recent months, the NRA has published reboots of Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood in which the once at-risk youth and shut in elderly are armed, resulting in a fair amount of outrage from gun control groups to include the Brady Campaign who called them “a disgusting, morally depraved marketing campaign.”

At least they didn’t create a closed casket funeral for poor Alice…

And if the carnage isn’t enough, they took out Peter Pan in the crossfire.

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