First female enlisted in an Army infantry career field (VIDEO)

A 25-year-old Louisiana police officer, who has been speaking with Army recruiters since last November, made military history by becoming female recruit in the U.S Army to sign up for the infantry last week.

“I was going to go military police, but infantry is similar, and they are more on the front lines, like law enforcement here and I said that’s what I want to do,” said Tammy Grace Barnett who chose the 11X MOS, which will later be turned into 11B or 11C down the road.

She took the oath of enlistment at the Shreveport MEPS last Thursday but isn’t heading off to One Station Unit Training just yet. Barnett does not report to Fort Benning, until June 2017 because, as noted by Army Times, “to allow the Army to properly prepare for new trainees by having trained female officers and [noncommissioned officers] in position.”

No word on when she will be getting the moto tattoo, or ridiculous deals on a gently used Camaro or Mustang from the buy-here/pay-here dealer just off base.

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