Shotgun-toting momma blows bad kids’ iPhones to pieces (VIDEO)

04/11/16 10:38 AM | by

mom shoots cell phone

A woman fed up with an apparent lack of respect from her children, did what any self-respecting, gun-owning mom would do: Line up the kids’ cell phones and blast them with a shotgun.

“I hereby denounce the effects that social media have on my children, their disobedience and their disrespect,” the woman said with a heavy Southern drawl as video rolled recording the event.

She then turns, takes aim and shoots the iPhones with accuracy. She finished the job off with a sledgehammer, pounding what was left of the iPhones, but not before also declaring to take back the role as parent to her children. The woman also revealed that her children’s lives are more important to her than any electronic device on earth.

[ Daily Mail ]

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