Brothers gaslight sister into believing zombies are on the march (VIDEO)

“How am I supposed to defend myself?” asks Millicent, fresh from dental surgery, when being handed a folding trash grabber by her brother as news of the zombie horde mounts.

You see, her loser brothers decided to game poor Millicent into thinking a full-fledged outbreak of random and unexplained cannibalism has erupted and even tapped in Mom via phone to verify a fake CDC announcement played over the car’s radio.

However, Millicent intends to come correct to the apocalypse by blasting her brother’s choice of weapons (“We have guns! Why are you putting garden equipment in the car?), making the hard but fast choice to leave the sick and injured behind (“He’s already dying,” she says about the dog, “Leave him, get the cat!) and scoffing at her brother’s offering of a litter tong as a weapon (“What is this supposed to do for me? Get me a knife.”).

In the end, if the zombies were coming, we’d flee to a more defensible location with Millicent. Her brothers on the other hand…

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