Former Playboy Playmate gets her pistol permit after fight with NYPD

Stephanie Adams

Following a years-long battle with the New York Police Department, former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams has finally been granted a handgun permit.

Adams’ prior application for a pistol permit was rejected, with the department citing numerous reasons, including several domestic incidents where she was deemed “both a complainant and perpetrator,” as well as a previous order of protection against her. Adams, however, claimed her denial was a sort of retaliation stemming from a lawsuit against a New York officer.

Adams, who was Playboy’s Miss November 1992, accused Sgt. John Rajan of using excessive force against her after a cabbie claimed she threatened him while pointing a gun at him in an incident that occurred 10 years ago. Rajan later admitted during the trial it was unlikely, if not impossible, for Adams to have been hiding a gun under her skin-tight attire. Adams won the lawsuit and was awarded $1.2 million. She said she’s happy to have the decade-old incident behind her.

Stephanie Adams

Furthermore, the commanding officer from the licensing department of the NYPD also pointed to a photo of Adams in a sexy police uniform with her “finger in a ‘nonsafe’ position in the trigger well” as partial reason for her rejection. True, Adams’ finger was all over the trigger, but her lawyer, John Chambers, insisted that was in the past and his client “is not the person of so many years ago.”

Stephanie Adams

In fact, Adams, who is now a 45-year-old beauty, has switched from Playboy bunny to the wife of a chiropractor, the mom of a 6-year-old girl, gun owner and avid target shooter. And now, with her past behind her, Adams is also the proud holder of an NYC pistol permit and owner of a newly-purchased Desert Eagle .50-caliber semiautomatic handgun.

Stephanie Adams

[ New York Daily News ]

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