Woman caught on camera stealing ring from dead woman’s finger (VIDEO)

Texas authorities are searching for the woman responsible for stealing a ring off the finger of a dead woman at the Sunset Funeral Home in Odessa Friday.

Surveillance video captured the woman walking up to the casket that was holding 88-year-old Lois Hicks, who died just one day prior to the robbery. The suspect leans over Hicks’ body and takes her hand, but instead of saying her final goodbyes, she was taking the dead woman’s ring from her finger. Once she had the loot in her hand, the suspect repositioned Hick’s hands, presumably to hide the fact that the ring was missing and the damage she caused to the victim’s fingers. The suspect then walked out of the door and drove away in a maroon Saturn sedan.

As heinous as the crime may seem, karma was served almost instantaneously because the wedding ring that was stolen was actually just costume jewelry, symbolizing the woman’s marriage to her deceased husband, but worth no more than $10.

Nonetheless, if caught, the suspect will face felony charges.

“Even though it was a $10 ring, it’s still a state jail felony,” explained Cpl. Steve LeSueuer, spokesman for the Odessa Police Department.

Vel McKee, the victim’s daughter, said the video made her sick to her stomach.

[ Fox News ]

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