Bank robbers choose unusual way to ‘foil’ security system (VIDEO)

Two would-be robbers looking to knock off a bank in Brazil over the weekend thought they could outsmart the facility’s metal detectors by covering themselves completely with aluminum foil.

According to Maj. Cristian Dimitri, spokesman for the Santa Catarina military police, the suspects broke down one of the walls to gain entry into the bank, but they failed to take into consideration that the Praia Grande branch of the Banco do Brasil had more than just metal detectors as a security system. In fact, the entire (failed) fiasco was captured on security cameras from the inside.

“When the bank’s central monitoring system saw them on the screen, they called the police immediately,” Dimitri confirmed.

Authorities responded to the scene, but the suspects were already gone. Not only did they leave empty-handed, but they left several tools behind. Investigators believe there was at least one other person involved. That person was likely serving as a lookout and alerted the others of officers arriving on the scene.

One person, who has a criminal history that includes several robberies, was later arrested for his alleged involvement in the foiled bank robbery. The other suspects remain at large.

[ CNN ]

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