Youth 3-gun shooter lobbies against state ban on pistol shooting for those under 14 (VIDEO)

Iowa-based Meredith Gibson, 12, has to travel out of state to legally be able to shoot a handgun in competition, and she has been working with lawmakers to change that.

Current laws restricts any use of a handgun by youth in the Hawkeye State that are under age 14.

Legislation is underway, HF 2281, which passed in a 62-36 vote with broad Republican support in the state House, to reform this practice. The bill includes mandates to loosen regulations on youth handgun possession for target shooting and hunting reasons provided they are given the firearm by a parent, instructor or guardian.

Opponents, citing that Iowa could have a “toddler militia” have blasted the bill in the media without noting that it still requires that youth using handguns be under the supervision of an adult or instructor 21 years of age or older.

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