Couple making out at bar completely oblivious to armed robbery (VIDEO)

Surveillance video from an armed robbery at a Billings, Montana, bar early Monday is making its way around the internet. During the course of the robbery, a couple sat at the bar, making out, apparently so enthralled with one another that they didn’t even notice the robbery occurring behind them.

The three suspects – one woman and two men – entered the Tap Inn armed with guns and demanded cash. The bartender unloaded the register and the suspects even emptied out the tip jar. The entire incident was over in under a minute, the clueless couple kissing all the while.

Bar owners Bobbi and Chuck Rhodes said people have contacted them from all across the country asking about the video, but Bobbi said there’s something that has left them feeling uneasy.

“Nobody has bothered to ask, ‘How is my bartender doing? How are my patrons doing?’” she said.

Incidentally, Bobbi said the bartender is doing fine and has since been back to work.

The suspects are still at large.

“To me, they weren’t professional at all,” Chuck said of the suspects. “They were just grabbing.”

Authorities say it was the third robbery in the city in 24 hours, but did not indicate if they believe the same suspects were responsible for all three.

[ Billings Gazette ]

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