Gun control group sucker-punches crowd with *graphic* real footage of shootings (VIDEO)

An anti-gun advocacy group who made waves last year with a fake gun store in New York City tricked moviegoers expecting an action film by showing them footage of actual shootings.

The event, staged by NYC-based Grey Advertising on behalf of States United to Prevent Gun Violence, starts off with various Hollywood films showing guns in action then cuts away to footage of would-be movie goers lining up to see the new film “GunCrazy” in a theater, which in the end just turns out to be various clips of murder, mayhem and gory death that makes old-school splatter sites like Ogrish and pale.

“Our goal with GunCrazy is to showcase the need for society as a whole to re-sensitize themselves to the gruesome consequences of gun violence,” says Julia Wyman, Executive Director of States United to Prevent Gun Violence in a statement. “We encourage people to watch and share this educational PSA featuring first-hand reactions to real footage.”

So far the shocktastic video of people being punked into watching snuff films hasn’t gained many supporters.

“It’s a pretty sadistic way of illustrating the gap between American culture’s glorification of guns and the actual consequences of real gun violence, ” noted AdWeek.

But the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence dug it.

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