Zombie Outbreak: The interactive attraction for those who can’t wait for the real zombocalypse

Orlando has a new live-action attraction for zombie lovers everywhere.

For the low price of just $24.95 per person, you get admission into Zombie Outbreak, and get to slay zombies – provided you don’t get bit by the little boogers – till your heart’s content.

The 9,400-square-foot facility, which opened last weekend, is likened to a real-life video game. Players have the option of choosing between several different guns, although they only “shoot” lasers, not actual projectiles of any sort.

As you make your way through the abandoned military research facility, which includes real-life zombies portrayed by actors, stats in the form of kills vs. bites are kept on a scoreboard. Zombies can be killed, but come back to life in eight seconds. Players who get within three feet of the undead will be bitten.

Currently, tickets can only be purchased at the door, but starting April 15, they will be available for purchase online as well.

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