Woman pulls gun in FL road rage incident (VIDEO)

Apparently one Tampa highway just wasn’t big enough for a group of guys on motorcycles and a guy in a BMW. It’s unknown when the incident occurred, but the video was uploaded to YouTube on April 8.

The scene starts off as a casual motorcycle ride with friends, until a red Beemer comes into the picture and nearly collides with one of the bikers. It’s not entirely clear whether the driver of the BMW intentionally cut off the guy on the motorcycle or just didn’t see him. Regardless, the angry biker swatted the car as he passed, then took off, but a bit later, the BMW caught back up to the group of bikers.

Soon, a confrontation spilled into the street as all parties stopped and the driver of the BMW got out of his car and insisted the bikers “stay right here.” Then came the shoving and out came the punches, with the BMW driver getting knocked to the ground.

At that point, a female passenger emerges from the BMW with a handgun aimed at the brawling bikers, who decided it was time to go.

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