Browning makes 2-in-1 range protection


Browning’s new Sound Shield is eye protection with retractable earplugs. (Photo: Browning)

Browning Arms is making sure you’ll never forget your ear pro again, so long as you leave for the range with your sunglasses on.

The company has broken new ground with Sound Shield, wraparound shooting glasses that include ear protection on a retractable cord attached to the ear pieces.

The lenses are tall and rimless so as to avoid vision obstruction. They exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. A rubber nosepiece keeps the glasses from settling too close to the face and fogging up, while keeping the glasses from slipping.

Hearing protection is provided by a set of rubberized, flanged plugs, which are washable. Their noise reduction rating is 25 decibels.

The glasses are available in men’s large and medium, with yellow or indoor/outdoor lenses, the latter of which appear to be a light gray tint. Sizes are differentiated by temple colors, with large being black and medium being lime or orange.

There’s one size for women. It has a gray indoor/outdoor lens and fuschia temples.

The Browning earplugs’ 25NR rating is a level of hearing protection comparable to other types and brands.  For example, 3M Peltor 6S Tactical earmuffs have a 26 NR rating.  3M flanged, corded earplugs, similar to Browning’s, have the same 25 NR rating. Howard Leight Max foam earplugs claim a bit more protection, with a rating of 36 NR.

MSRP for the eye/ear pro combo is $29.99. Replacement earplugs are sold for $19.99 for a 12-pack.

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