Allied Machine's new BT-A bit makes boring jobs easier

BTA bit

Allied Machine’s BT-A drill bit. (Photo: Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.)

Ohio-based Allied Machine & Engineering Corporation announced last week their BT-A drill gave an outstanding performance producing some really big guns.

The BT-A drill is specialized for rapid, precision boring of deep holes, from gun barrels to oil wells.  It can also be used for making molds and dies.

In a recent test for a machine gun maker, the BT-A drill bored 80-inch barrels for helicopter- and tank-mounted guns. Allied Machine says the drill “achieved significantly better chip control than a brazed carbide competitor. One insert produced four tubes, 80 inches long, at six inches per minute.”

The drill features a laser-clad bearing area for maximum straightness.  Cutting edges are replaceable, eliminating the need for re-sharpening.  Unique geometry and polish contribute to speedier penetration rates compared to traditional gun drills.

Geometrically, the patent-pending drill is designed to create the smallest chips possible, allowing chips to clear out of the way efficiently.  The polished insert minimizes edge buildup, which in turn minimizes pressure during drilling.  Allied Machine says these factors work together to foster longer tool life.

Allied also recommends the BT-A for cross-hole drilling. The drill’s longer bearing surface length provides better stability.

Most models are special-order only. The BT-A is covered by a company warrant that covers defects, but excludes improper installation, lubrication, and use. Consult Allied Machine for pricing.

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