2016 Bill would allow dealers to sell handguns to out-of-state buyers


Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH), left, making rounds at a New Hampshire gun show. (Photo: Facebook)

A New Hampshire congressman proposed a measure last week to amend federal law so consumers could buy handguns from out-of-state gun shops.

The Firearms Transfer Improvement Act would extend the same federal law that allows interstate long gun purchases to handguns, said Republican Rep. Frank Guinta in a statement released April 13.

Instead of the federal statute — chapter 44 of title 18 — state law would govern transactions by federal firearms licensees.

Guinta said he introduced the measure to boost economic activity in New Hampshire (and states like it) because more people would visit to take advantage of its zero-percent sales tax policy.

At time of publishing, the bill was assigned to the House Judiciary committee and had 18 co-sponsors, but no text available.

A similar measure has been introduced in the House at four times since 2009 by Rep. Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, but the efforts never advanced beyond the committee stage and ultimately died in congress.

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