High school principal warns of dangerous water gun-themed game (VIDEO)

The principal of a Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania, high school is warning parents about a so-called game which she claims has become downright dangerous.

“Squirt Gun Assassin” is a game played exclusively by the school’s seniors and, as the name implies, is a water gun-themed game of tag. Essentially, players make up teams and try to shoot other players with squirt guns. If you get tagged, you’re out of the game. The last team standing wins a cash prize which Hempfield Area Senior High School Principal Kathy Charlton described as a “fairly large sum of money.”

While students and parents alike see the game as… well, all fun and games and even a tradition for the school’s seniors, Charlton urged parents in a recent letter to have their children stop playing.

“Although the game appears to be a fun and exciting activity for teens,” Charlton noted, “there have been incidents recently that add a very dangerous element to the game.”

Charlton said students have been chasing each other, sometimes even in cars or on buses. She also accused some students of “stalking” other students in public places, like malls and restaurants, as well as at private homes. Charlton said police have become involved in “several situations” related to the game.

In the letter (which can be read here), Charlton said she fears the game may end in tragic consequences.

[ CBS Pittsburgh ]

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