Machine gun shoot vacation (VIDEO)

While some people call a beach and hammock their vacation place, Richard Creager of Frederick, Maryland likes to relax and unwind at the bi-annual Knob Creek machine gun shoot in West Point, Kentucky. ‘Its one of the few things I do for vacation.’ He says.

He’s obviously not alone. Dozens of other machine gun enthusiasts wait up to ten years to get a spot on the coveted firing line where they get to fire off a few thousand rounds at exploding targets. Tens of thousands of spectators attend the event to watch the ruckus.

Richard brings a small arsenal with him. Among his favorites firearms are an assortment of AKs, some of which he made himself, a 1910 Maxim machine gun and a model 1917 Lewis gun. Referring to his guns, he says, ‘They’re reliable and that’s kind of my hobby. I enjoy shooting them and they have a little history with them which is interesting.’

He insists that anyone that enjoys guns must attend the night shoot at the Knob Creek. It takes place on the Saturday night of the event and is second to none in terms of sheer firepower and explosions.

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