Police pull over gunshot victim on the way to the hospital (VIDEO)

The sister of a young man who died last week after accidentally being shot by a friend at a Beverly, Massachusetts, home is questioning whether law enforcement contributed to his death when they stopped the speeding vehicle that was taking him to the hospital.

Christian Merced, 20, had come into town from Miami to see his sick grandmother, according to Crystal Medina, Merced’s sister. But while in town, Merced went to his brother’s house, where he and a friend, 19-year-old Justice Galarza, were playing with a gun. Galarza accidentally fired the .22-caliber and Merced was shot in the chest.

According to the Boston Herald, Galarza got scared and ran off after the shooting.

Medina said the brother whose home they were at immediately called for help, but felt the ambulance was taking too long, so he loaded Merced into the car and sped to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, he was pulled over by the police and instead of a police escort to the hospital, the officer had them wait there for the ambulance.

Merced later died and now Medina questions whether he would still be alive had the officer let them go ahead to the hospital instead of keeping them there.

Galarza later turned himself in and now faces murder charges, though most are confident the shooting was an accident with no malicious intent.

[ Fox 25 ]

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