Suspects crash into gun store, run after SUV gets stuck (VIDEO)

Back in 1993, Garland, Texas-based B&S Guns installed concrete-filled steel pipes six feet into the ground and encased them in decorative stones, just to foil such attacks.

“I mean the driver must’ve gotten some serious whiplash,” said store owner Paul Peddle as he watched the surveillance footage of the stolen Nissan Pathfinder ram the pole for the third time and get stuck like chuck.

The suspects in the pre-dawn failed smash and grab try in vain to free thier hot SUV, then run off and rob a man a block away.

“You know thank God we didn’t have anything happen to us,” said Peddle. “We’re built tough here at B&S guns, and we’re thankful that we’re open for business.”

Garland Police are investigating.


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