Veteran says he was fired over service dog (VIDEO)

A Marine veteran in Kaukana, Wisconsin, has been fighting for the right to bring his service dog, Sig, to work with him, but after months of battling, Shaun Kettner was informed that he no longer has a position at L&S Electric where he was once employed.

Kettner, who suffers from PTSD, said the company has asked the VA to fill out paperwork allowing him to bring Sig to work, but the VA refused, citing what Kettner described as “borderline HIPAA violations.” Still, Kettner argues that he has a legal right to have Sig by his side.

Nonetheless, Kettner was suspended without pay in March, and while he continued to fight for Sig’s space at the company, Kettner was informed last week that he won’t be coming back to work. But Kettner also said the company isn’t saying he has been terminated, but rather telling him that he “resigned.”

Reporters reached out to L&S Electric’s legal counsel, but numerous phone calls and emails went unanswered.

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