Burt grew a beard and can run 3-gun fairly well (VIDEO)

You may remember him as hapless Burt Chance from Raising Hope but Garret Dillahunt showed he can ring steel with the best of them during a recent visit to Taran Tactical.

The California-born actor has been in dozens of roles since cutting his teeth as a guest star on NYPD Blue and the X-Files in the 1990s before becoming Burt, the pater familias for 88 episodes of Fox’s Raising Hope more recently.

Dillahunt, 51, has had a few gunslinger roles including the psycho spook Simon Escher in Burn Notice and as Tommy Lee Jones’ sidekick deputy in the Cohen brothers’ film No Country for Old Men.

And by the looks of things, maybe there is a new sheriff in town.

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