Diamondback's new AR-platform rifles are ready to order


Diamondback’s DB15SB, chambered in 5.56/.223. (Photo: Diamondback Firearms)

Diamondback Firearms of Florida has just released an entire line of AR-platform rifles, chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington and 300 Blackout.

By “line,” we mean a large selection with a range of features and finishes. There are six rifles on the 5.56/.223 list, called DB15. In 300 BK, the guns are called DB15300, and there are five variations. All employ gas-impingement operation.

The entry-level DB15USB has an ATI Strikeforce stock, and A3 flattop, a forged 7075 T6 aluminum upper and forged lower receiver. It has a 16-inch barrel with 1-in-9 twist, the one feature that appears to be common to the DB15s. It’s finished in black anodized hardcoat. It retails for $756.

On the upper end of the DB15 field, the DB15DCG has numerous upgrades and retails for $1,221.

The 300 Blackout line is similarly appointed, with all five models having a 16-inch barrel with one-in-eight twist. The basic model, the DB15300-CA, retails for $1,004. At the upper end, the DB15300FDE runs $1,170—and is, as the name indicates, finished in flat dark earth.

Other models have different rail, sight, and buttstock features, and a variety of finishes. Action and barrel mounting components are also upgraded in some of the other models.

In both major caliber designations, California-compliant versions of the rifles are available.

Diamondback Firearms has its own CNC machining facility and makes the rifles entirely in the US. In bringing the DB15 models to the market, the company aims to appeal to all carbine enthusiasts including hunters, recreational shooters, and tacticians.

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