Scratch 3 Humvees after airdrop in Germany (VIDEO)

The Army is looking into a pear shaped peacetime airdrop by the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team at Hohenfels which left three Humvees pancaked on the German dirt.

Conducted during Saber Junction 16, a routine training exercise for the European-based parachute unit and NATO allies, about 150 supply bundles, vehicles and weapons platforms were dropped from low-flying Air Force C-130s. As shown in the amateur video above which has been shared far and wide, three Humvees in a row took a header with their non-deployed cargo chutes flailing in the slipstream behind them on their last wild ride.

“The specific malfunctions that occurred on this day are under investigation,” Army spokesman Maj. Juan Martinez said in an email to Army Times. “There were multiple rehearsals and inspections of the equipment prior to mission execution. We cannot speculate on what went wrong until the investigation is complete.”

The pre-owned vehicles look to be in pretty good shape and you can expect them to show up at a DRMO or GSA auction near you. Should buff right out.

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