Working a select-fire Glock 17 conversion (VIDEO)

Hickok45 visits and talks about old times with a gently-accessorized Glock 17 complete with pistol bayonet and an aftermarket NFA-compliant back plate doodad.

Glocks tend to do well in select-fire with Gaston’s own G18/18C machine pistol out there in small numbers direct from the factory. Then of course there are conversions in the hands of Class 3 dealers, SOTs, LE demonstrators and reps, one of which Hick was able to borrow. But rest assured there are over a half-million NFA “machine guns” listed in circulation. Yup, the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record carried 543,073 full-auto/select-fire guns as of last February, which is an increase from 512,790 on file in 2014.

Still, the G17 in Hickok’s hands is super neat, esp with some 33-rounders.

Say it with me, “Repeal the Hughes Amendment! Shall not be infringed!”

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