Program turns gun buybacks into gun art (VIDEO)

A new art exhibit is coming to Minneapolis next month with a goal to increase talks about gun violence.

“Guns in the Hands of Artists” was started by Jonathan Ferrera in New Orleans. Ferrera, who gained support from the mayor and police chief, took non-working firearms from gun buybacks and handed them over to artists for use in creative pieces.

Now, Ferrera hopes to have the same type program take off in Minneapolis.

“We’re seeing a surge of violence in our community and it should be concerning to all of us,” said Chanda Baker, CEO of the Minneapolis-based non-profit Pillsbury United Communities, who is sponsoring the exhibit.

Ferrera said the overall goal of the exhibit is to encourage meaningful conversations about solutions to the violence.

“The role of the artist and the role of the art in this project, is to hold a mirror up to society whether that be in New Orleans, Minneapolis or across the country and ask,’What is happening with guns in America?’” said Ferrera.

[ KARE 11 ]

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