Dan Bilzerian rents personal Gulfstream to Hillary's campaign

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The King of Instagram dropped big bucks back in 2014 for a pre-owned Gulfstream G4 that is now being used to shuttle around Hillary Clinton’s press corps.

As reported by TMZ, (hey, it’s a Blizerian story, give us a break) his twin-engine biz jet, registered to Goat Airways LLC, tail number N701DB (the last two digits are his initials) has been treading the friendly skies a lot recently packed with Clinton’s media train. It even popped up in an episode of Showtime’s “The Circus

Hey, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail was a long time ago, eh.

According to Planefinder.net, the G4 has been really busy as of late with at least 20 flights documented since February, and not all trips make it to Planefinder.

Whatever pays the bills though, as G4s take a lot to keep them in the air and this particular one had an issue back in 2015 in Colorado that left the seven passengers and crew aboard uninjured, so maybe Dan is taking the money to put towards a new one.

Of course, Bilzerian is kinda sorta running for president himself and is known to hang out with other contenders for the spot from time to time, which just makes this whole story all the more bizarre.

Here’s some snaps from inside the aircraft while the former Navy SEAL candidate turned playboy was large and in charge in the cabin. After all, if he wins the election (2nd vote in Cleveland, anyone?) he will have Air Force One at his disposal so maybe he is ready to move on.

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