Media Matters gets pwned

Gun control advocates have a well earned reputation for knowing as little as possible about the subject they wish to regulate.  Most of the time, it’s merely tedious arguing with someone who regards ignorance as a positive virtue, but every so often, it’s fun to watch an intellectual train wreck as it happens.

An example of this appears in an article by Timothy Johnson on the site, Media Matters for America, titled, “NRA Commentator: People Who Hate Guns Should Own Body Armor As A ‘Passive Way To Protect Yourself From Being Shot.’” This piece reports on a video by Colion Noir about reasons to own and wear body armor.  Johnson takes seriously Noir’s line that “if you don’t like guns and want nothing to do with them, you have every right to make less than smart decisions with your life, but I can’t think of a more passive way to protect yourself from being shot than owning body armor.”

But let’s not take a Media Matters columnist’s word on this.  Go watch the actual is not responsible for any concussions you experience from facepalms.  Nor am I.  Do I have to explain that Noir is doing satire here?  Apparently I do have to state that explicitly to some people in this world.

Perhaps Johnson, someone who has worked for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Legal Action Project and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and is currently the guns and public safety program director for Media Matters is one of them. He regularly attacks NRA videos generally and Colion Noir in specific, but seems to have missed some of Noir’s other satirical videos, such as his commentary on people who favor 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP in their carry guns.

I can see why advocates of gun control find Noir so threatening.  He’s young, black, educated, and an attorney who owns guns in style.  In other words, he’s everything we’re told gun owners aren’t.  He offers a way into the gun community for millennials.

The gun control argument has long depended on obfuscation and misdirection when it comes to the facts about firearms.  One infamous example of this was the document from the Violence Policy Center, titled, “Assault Weapons and Accessories in America,” in which the organization admits that many people have no idea what the differences are between semiautomatic and fully automatic rifles.  And then there’s Carolyn McCarthy’s classic, the shoulder thing that goes up.  This list can go on and on.  This latest article from Media Matters is simply one in a long line of embarrassments for the anti-rights crowd.

And yet, they don’t seem bothered by being exposed for their ignorance.  This is a case of adding insult to injury in that they are committed to violating the rights of people they despise but don’t understand by legislating in an area of which they are proud of knowing nothing.  We are faced with opponents who lack honor, making it imperative that we fight them on all levels—local, state, and federal—in the legislatures and the courts, in public and in private.  We don’t want the one thing they learn to be the taste of victory.

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