TSA has record-breaking week, confiscates 73 guns from carry-ons

Guns, guns and more guns.

Guns, guns and more guns.

Breaking their previous October 2015 record of 68 firearms found on carry-ons in a single week, the Transportation Security Administration is donning a new record after they confiscated 73 guns from carry-ons last week.

Of the 73, 68 were loaded and 27 were chambered. The most popular caliber was .380, followed by 9mm and .40.

But TSA agents didn’t just find firearms. They found plenty of other prohibited items like knives and novelty military rounds.


Yes, even replicas, novelties and other look-alikes are prohibited.


Knives, daggers and Samurai swords are still a big no no in carry-ons.


Bullets better go in checked baggage or you’re guaranteed to lose them.


[ The TSA Blog ]

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