Amy Schumer lampoons internet and gun show firearm sales (VIDEO)

The outspoken comedian turned gun control spokesperson dropped a skit on her Inside Amy Schumer show this week in which she hawked guns to terrorists and ran a “mass shooting” special.

Starting as a traditional home shopping send up, selling Steve Irwin commemorative coins (?!), Schumer and Co. switch quickly to selling a Glock for just $39.95 with free S&H.

Of course, she returns to territory she has covered before with horrible trigger and muzzle discipline– because shooting yourself and others in the face is funny.

When callers voice concerns that they may not be able to legally possess a firearm, Schumer assures them that, of course they can as long as they get them online or at a gun show.

That line never gets old!

Next, after promoting giving a Glock to kids as stocking stuffers and the legally blind, a caller who self-identifies as a “suspected terrorist on the no fly list” pops on the line to which Schumer pshaws any objections about selling to him.

As a mass shooting in progress somewhere triggers a red sale alert, the comedian leans in and urges speedy gun shopping because, “The government could be coming for your guns soon, like they never have but always might.”

Then comes a list of Congressmen who accept money from gun lobby groups.

The clip closes with Schumer’s co-host, comedian Kyle Dunnigan, accidentally giving himself Glock leg and a cutaway to Everytown’s contact information.

Talk about product placement.

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